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เครื่อง Reskin MFR รักษาหลุมสิว - InnoAesthetics Laser

Reskin MFR

    Innovative Skin Treatment  Combined with Radiofrequency Energy (RF) and Microneedle Therapy. By passing the needle to destroy the fascia that adheres to acne holes, scar holes or hair follicles, as well as stimulating Growth Factor under the skin. When the energy is transmitted as deep as the desired point, the RF energy is released into the inner layer of the skin. To stimulate the creation of Collagen and Elastin at the same time, thus helping both in terms of lifting and tightening the skin. reduce wrinkles tighten pores smooth skin and make acne scars shallower at once

เครื่อง Reskin MFR รักษาหลุมสิว - InnoAesthetics Laser

Needle Reskin MFR

Reskin MFR

Stepping Motor Type
Stepping Motor Type, different to existing solenoid type, the needle inserts to the skin smoothly with no shock, and causes no bleeding and no pain after the procedure

Reskin MFR

Gold Plating

  • Needle is durable and also have high biocompatibility by applying Gold Plating. Patient with Metal allergy could also use it with not concemin Contact Dermatitis.

Reskin MFR

Needle Depth Control

  • 0.4-4.0mm [0.2mm Step]

  • Operate epidermis and

dermis layer by controlling
the needle depth in unit of
0.2 mm.

Reskin MFR

Safety Needle System

  • Sterilized disposable needle tip

  • operator can easily notice the applying RF  energy from LED light.

Needle Thickness  : 0.2mm The needle structure is easy to penetrate the skin with mininum resistance.

เครื่อง Reskin MFR รักษาหลุมสิว - InnoAesthetics Laser

machine working principle

  • Reskin MFR Nano Needle will penetrate through the epidermis layer into the dermis layer to destroy the membrane that adheres to the hole or large pores

  • The unit will periodically emit RF waves at 2MHz at constant temperature. To stimulate the important components of 3 types of skin, namely, stimulate the production of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic acid at the same time.

  • when collagen regeneration Wrinkles will be reduced and the skin will be tighter and firmer. And elastin helps the skin to be flexible like a baby's skin.

เครื่อง Reskin MFR รักษาหลุมสิว

Reasons to choose Reskin MFR

The power is very stable.

high quality material durable 

Powerful machine calibration data

Certified to international standards


after sales service

Trusted by customers for more than 18 years

It is a valid imported product. can check

There is a 1-year warranty and after-sales service.

Have a team of skilled engineers take care of consulting


consult an expert free!!


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