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เครื่อง Qsmooth Laser เลเซอร์หน้าใส - InnoAesthetics Laser

Qsmooth Laser

      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3thb-136badQsf58d is an innovative Lasersitchd technology used in the treatment of QS Lasers. Skin caused by malfunction of melanin (Melanin) has the ability to be absorbed by the pigment. Therefore, it is suitable for correcting uneven skin tone all over the face, blemishes, freckles, dark spots, redness from acne, removing birthmarks and tattoos. Ready to help restore collagen, making your skin white and bright. Helps rejuvenate pores, smooth skin, look younger.

เครื่อง Qswitch Laser เลเซอร์หน้าใส - InnoAesthetics Laser
เครื่อง Qswitch Laser เลเซอร์หน้าใส

working principle

     Laser emits high intensity and high-density light waves over a short period of time, causing the beam to be effective. Destroys pigments in the superficial to deep layers without damaging the top layer of skin. The laser light when fired will cause the pigment cells to break down. Abnormal skin pigments are broken down or absorbed by white blood cells. and excreted from the body as waste does not cause side effects But in order to get a clear result, it must be done about 3-6 times, depending on the depth of the pigment of the individual as well.


Advantages of Qsmooth Laser

  • Treat pigmentation such as acne scars, dark spots, scars

  • Remove tattoos , black birthmarks, brown birthmarks

  • Reduce wrinkles on the face, smooth skin. tighten pores

  • stimulate collagen Rejuvenate the face to be white, bright, youthful.

  • can make the lips or breast tops pink

ข้อดีเครื่อง Qswitch Laser เลเซอร์หน้าใส

Features of the Qsmooth Laser 

  1. High energy emitter up to 1000 mj/cm2 

  2. It has a high frequency that can be adjusted up to 10 Hz, saving time.

  3. The machine has high stability. There is a built-in automatic temperature adjustment system. It can be used continuously for at least 5 hours without decreasing energy costs.

  4. Easy to use, high efficiency It is safe through international standards.

  5. New lenses and glass extend the lifespan and safety.

  6. New Xenon lamp extends machine life and fires 3 million shots.


Reasons to choose 

The power is very stable.

high quality material durable 

Powerful machine calibration data

Certified to international standards


after sales service

Trusted by customers for more than 18 years

It is a valid imported product. can check

There is a 1-year warranty and after-sales service.

Have a team of skilled engineers take care of consulting

consult an expert free!!



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