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Meso Gun

pushing nutrients into the skin 
Accurately adjust the needle depth

Vital Injector3

Meso Gun



innovative tools

Slimming lift  see results

After doing it from the first use

meso gun vital injecter 3
เครื่อง Hifu Vsonic 7D

Innovative laser blasting pigments

that takes only a period of time

1 trillion seconds 

pico new.png
Diora 4max ซ้าย.png

laser technology

The best hair removal supports

All skin tones and hair

permanent hair removal

Logo Diora 4Max.png

innovation for

acne problem uneven skin
Help restore skin urgently.

เครื่อง Reskin กำจัดหลุมสิว

skin care innovation

smooth skin

Acne scars are shallow at once

Logo Rejuva FRM black.png

Powerful cooling innovation

Adjustable cooling up to -30°C

Reduce pain, soothe the skin

DSC01007 2_0.png
Air healing Plus Logo (Black)-03.png

Innovation combines technology with 5 powers

Helps break down fat and cellulite

All over the body , complete in one device

เครื่องกำจัดไขมัน AuroraX2

Innovation of laser skin resurfacing
reveal smooth skin

Complete the problem of acne scars.

UltraScan SR logo-01.png

Innovation to build muscle to burn fat

within 30 minutes equivalent

Squat 20,000 

เครื่อง EMT Maximus
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