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pico laser pico duomax - InnoAesthetics Laser
Pico Duomax


Innovative laser blasting pigments
that takes only a period of time

1 trillion seconds 

Pico Laser 

     The revolutionary beauty laser innovation in dermatology. Using Picosecond Technology , the machine will emit laser light at a frequency of Picosecond with a speed of up to 1 per trillion of a second. high energy waves in a short time It can fix all kinds of pigmentation problems. with skin rejuvenation can stimulate the creation
Collagen and elastin as well.

เครื่องเลเซอร์ Pico Duomax Pico Laser - InnoAesthetics Laser
pico laser pico duomax - InnoAesthetics Laser
pico laser

Hand Piece

  • Fractional 532 epidermis reduce melasma, freckles, dark spots.

  • Fractional 1064 goes deep into the dermis layer  reduces stretch marks and stimulates collagen.

  • Cellular, collagen stimulation technology, cutting the web, acne scars, enlarged pores 

  • 585 nm removes yellow tattoos

  • 650 nm removes green and blue tattoos

Hand Piece

working principle

    The Pico Laser emits high energy. In a very short period of time, there are 2 wavelengths, 532 nm and 1064 nm, resulting in a burst of pigment in the superficial layer and the Papilla dermis layer, causing the abnormal pigment to fade instantly. and stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin Brighten skin tone

    from the graph you can see that The wavelength range that can be absorbed by melanin is in the wavelength range of 300 nm -1100 nm, so this wavelength range is used for melanin removal.

เครื่องเลเซอร์ Pico Duomax

Highlights of the Pico Duomax  

  1. There are 2 lamps , the lifespan is more than a machine with 1 lamp.

  2. Provides high energy in a short time Pigment is very fine, less pain, with the condition of Photo Acoustic .

  3. It is highly effective and can be done on all skin types.

  4. The maximum power is 1600mJ (1064) , 800mJ (532) and the maximum frequency is 10 Hz .

  5. Includes 5 optional nozzles for Fractional, Rejuvenation and Hard-to-remove colored tattoos.

  6. High energy but gentle, does not damage the skin , does not make the skin thinner.


Reasons to choose Pico Duomax

pico laser
pico laser pico duomax - InnoAesthetics Laser

The power is very stable.

high quality material durable 

Powerful machine calibration data

Certified to international standards


after sales service

Trusted by customers for more than 18 years

It is a valid imported product. can check

There is a 1-year warranty and after-sales service.

Have a team of skilled engineers take care of consulting


consult an expert free!!


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