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เครื่อง RF Aurora X2 - InnoAesthetics Laser
เครื่อง RF Aurora X2
Aurora X2

Innovation combines technology with 5 powers to help break down fat and cellulite all over the body. All in one device

Aurora X2

      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cora Korea body fat breaking technology That is very popular today. The technology that combines 5 energy together helps break down fat and cellulite that accumulate in the fat layer. By making the fats that are firmly attached to each other break down into smaller molecules. Helps to tighten the shape with stimulating collagen and elastin and improves blood flow and lymphatic system The body therefore burns and expels excess fat more easily.

เครื่องสลายไขมัน Aurora X2 - InnoAesthetics Laser

  Aurora X2 has  A technology that combines 5 energy together to help break down fat, make fat molecules break down into smaller molecules and help to firm the shape. Stimulate collagen and elastin 

เครื่องสลายไขมัน Aurora X2

Technology 5 Energy Fat Burner​

  1. Cavitation is an ultrasound wave energy that helps break down fat into small molecules.

  2. Low level laser will help to penetrate fat cells into holes. easy to get rid of

  3. RF (Radiofrequency) heat energy from radio waves. Used for lifting and tightening the shape. stimulate tissue to shrink

  4. LED light energy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. and circulatory system

  5. Vacuum is used to increase the surface area, making the treatment area more exposed to energy. Vacuum massage to break down orange peel skin. It also helps to lift and tighten the skin more as well.

HandPiece device

Left Handpiece

หัว auaora-01.png
  1. Synergy effect through 4 different technologies   Able to perform RF, Cavitation, Low level laser, and LED either all together or separately.

  2. Deduction of fat cells   By liquefying the fat and let them easily burned thorough physical activity.

  3. Acceleration of metabolism   Able to excrete the fat cells in a short time by revitalizing metabolism of the inner body.

  4. Systematic care of individual body parts

  5. Able to concentrate treatment on specific body parts.

Left Handpiece

หัว auaora-03.png
หัว auaora-02.png
หัว auaora-04.png
  1. Synergy effects through 3 different technologies RF, Vacuum, LED can be performed either together or separately.

  2. Able to perform on both body and face Having diverse size of handpiece that enable treatment on both body and face.

  3. Acceleration of lipolysis and metabolism Deep heat from RF energy induce lipolysis and accelerate metabolism.

  4. Stimulation of cellulite and massage effect Able to physically stimulate cellulite using strong vacuum while stimulating muscle tissue for massaging effect at the same time.

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Highlights of the Aurora X2 

  1. Authentic technology from Korea

  2. Combining 5 technologies with RF, LED, Vacuum, Low level laser, Cavitation

  3. There are 3 functions: RF lifting and firming, VACUUM, vacuum massage to break down orange peel skin and LED that helps tighten the skin and stimulate waste drainage. Drainage Massage.

  4. There is a filter system that helps filter and reduce the clogging of the gel.

  5. Certified to international standards

  6. The device emits power in the form of Multipolar RF, so there is no problem with sparking during use.


Reasons to choose 

The power is very stable.

high quality material durable 

Powerful machine calibration data

Certified to international standards


after sales service

Trusted by customers for more than 18 years

It is a valid imported product. can check

There is a 1-year warranty and after-sales service.

Have a team of skilled engineers take care of consulting

consult an expert free!!



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