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Innovative Air cooling  
Powerful cooler
Reduce pain, soothe the skin

Air Healing Plus 

     Air Healing Plus is an innovative Air cooling air cooler for treatment in conjunction with various laser machines. The laser  such as  Q-switched, Long Pulse ND:YAG, CO2, Diode, etc. will not interfere and will not affect the laser effect. It is used to help prevent burns on the skin. Reduce pain, reduce inflammation, reduce swelling, redness, burning on the skin.

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air healing

Highlights of Air Healing Plus

  1. Adjustable cooling temperature up to -30°C  

  2. Wind speed up to 700 liters/min, adjustable in 8 levels, suitable for a variety of treatments.

  3. There is an automatic defrosting system. which is a system with the best cooling efficiency

  4. There is an automatic drainage system that keeps the system safe and clean.

  5. The machine has a sound suppression system to reduce noise while treating patients.

Advantages of using Air Healing Plus

  • Reduce swelling and inflammation during laser treatment

  • reduce pain burning during laser

  • Reduce the use of anesthetics and ice compresses. Can be used as a temporary substitute for anesthetics 


Reasons to choose  Air Healing Plus

The power is very stable.

high quality material durable 

Powerful machine calibration data

Certified to international standards

after sales service

Trusted by customers for more than 18 years

It is a valid imported product. can check

There is a 1-year warranty and after-sales service.

Have a team of skilled engineers take care of consulting


consult an expert free!!


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