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From over 18 years of experience in aesthetic medical devices, we are confident in our knowledge. specialization as well as services that will take care of problems and provide professional services with experts ready to deliver the highest satisfaction

Repair service - equipment maintenance

   maintenance service Maintaining aesthetic medical equipment according to international standards so that the tool can effectively prevent damage during use.


InnoAesthetics Laser

Consulting services by a team of specialists

   Intimate consultation service by a team of specialists from start to finish with long experience in aesthetic medical devices.


Device Security Verification Service

   Device security checks to keep medical devices functioning properly and securely. and maximum efficiency

Medical Device Calibration Service

  • In order for medical devices to work properly, safely and with maximum efficiency

  • In order for the medical device to be used with the correct energy value. meet the required standards

  • to save the cost of maintenance and prolong the service life of medical equipment


Tool supply service that meets the needs standard and modern

   Procurement of aesthetic medical equipment that meets the needs by a team of experts to provide standardized, modern, safe, and reasonably priced machines

Service teaching how to use the machine from an expert

  machine instruction service from experts Providing advice, advice, and knowledge for the efficient operation of the machine.


Warranty terms

Products have problems from defects caused by production within the period.  1 year from the date of delivery and installation.

There is an expert technician to check. Take care of the maintenance and check the condition of the medical device after the sale every 6 months until the warranty expires.

The company does not guarantee the product in the event of damage caused by accidents, natural disasters, improper use, changes from the original standard. Repairing the device by a third party

The company reserves the right to change service fees and spare parts without notifying customers in advance.

The company reserves the right to provide services only to customers who purchase the device with the company or its dealers.

The company reserves the right not to guarantee the product if the product is damaged by moving without prior notice to the company.

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InnoAesthetics Laser  : 098-745-6232

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